WeWork will now focus on all non-core businesses

On Friday, WeWork has released a 90-day game plan for the company revival. In that plan, it was seen that all the details starting from changes to how it will do businesses, which includes all its non-core businesses are present.

All the changes that are being given in the report are presented in a 50-page presentation. This plan was first put up in October, which comes as a pitch to the investors. But during the last week on Friday, all these things are made public.

As per WeWork, it said that it is now be focusing on divesting all the side ventures, and it includes many wings too. Apart from these all, the company, also, now expecting that there will be a job cut across all its ventures.  The job cuts may face by G&A and growth-related functions, but when it comes to the community teams, it will not get affected due to these all.

It is being said that the main focus of the company is now on the core office-sharing desk business, and it is making efforts to turn the table around and re-energize all the employees to work and put the company back on track.

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