Google now reveals its banking plan

In the new announcement from Google, it has announced a new financial product for all users. After this announcement, it has become the latest tech giant that is offering banking plans.

After all that, the firm said it is now planning to partner with banks and also credit unions in the US. They all will soon be providing users with smart checking accounts for all. It is being said that the service which is now offered by Google via Google Pay will be allowing all users to go for Google analytic tools. It is being gone for the traditional banking products now with the help of this tool.

With this move from Google, it said that it will now offer credit cards, payment systems, and loans, just like Facebook, Apple, Uber, and Amazon.

With all these things are taking place in a first pace, it shows how all tech giants are now competing with each other to get into banking share. As per Gerard du Toit, who is the partner at the Bain and Co Consulting firm said that they all are competing for consumer attention and for all ecosystems and platforms to win it excellently.

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