5.6kg cocaine discovered from lady traveller at Dubai International Airport

The authorities of Customs' inspection staff has held a woman of Latin American nationality, as they seized cocaine of 5.6kg from the lady passenger, at Dubai International Airport.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The authorities of Customs‘ inspection staff has held a woman of Latin American nationality, as they seized cocaine of 5.6kg from the lady passenger, at Dubai International Airport.  

The officers grew suspicious about the female traveller while she arrived at the checkpoint of the terminal and inspected her luggage as a part of a routine check. While the luggage of the lady was underway X-ray scanning, an abnormal viscosity was reported, afterwards which; the customs officers inspected the woman while asking her to present her passport for identity validation. 


The officers then asked the lady to tell if she was hiding anything, to which she replied, “no”. The conversation was then proceeded by the inspection of the lady’s luggage, where a secret pocket was recognized by Dubai customs officers inside the inner lining, loaded with black plastic sacks wrapped in the transparent adhesive, containing a white powder, weighing around 3.2 kg. 

On further prudent inspection of the bag, an additional 2.473kg of cocaine was hidden by the woman in the bottles of body-care products, including shampoo and moisturizing body creams. 

Speaking on the incident, the Director of Passenger Operations Department – Ibrahim Kamali, stated, “The United Arab Emirates is a global model to pursue in curbing the trafficking of illicit drugs and safeguarding society from their dangers.” 

Kamali then added, “There are a lot of programmes, systems, technologies as well as plans in place to tackle and foil any drug smuggling bids in an effective way. These include the integrated smart inspection system, among other advanced systems, that help in deterring drugs and other prohibited materials.” 

“Dubai Customs plays a critical role in the efforts of the United Arab Emirates, to fight narcotics trafficking through its advanced infrastructure and highly trained inspection officers”, following the above statement, Kamali further underscored. 


Tariq Saeed

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