Abu Dhabi Police, Red Crescent Authority fulfil orphaned children's wishes
Abu Dhabi Police, Red Crescent Authority fulfil orphaned children's wishes || Image Credits: Abu Dhabi Police (Facebook)

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Al-Ain Special Tasks Department in the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police in cooperation with the Red Crescent Authority, according to the latest update about Abu Dhabi Police.

Al-Ain expressed pleasure that the three orphan children fulfilled their wish by closely introducing them to the role of Abu Dhabi police elements and their tasks to promote safety and security and spread reassurance in the community.


During his meeting with orphaned children, Dean Majid Ali Al-Shahi, the director of the Department of Eye Tasks, emphasized the importance of such social initiatives that aim to communicate with the orphans and bring joy and joy to their hearts, and spread the value of giving and social cohesion, in addition to the efforts of Red Crescent Organization to communicate with institutions to fulfil children’s wishes, according to the official update by the Police Service of Abu Dhabi.

Colonel Eid Hamid Mohamed Al-Mashikhi, Deputy Director of the Special Tasks Department – Al-Ain for Children, presented an idea about the nature of working in special tasks as a sign that Abu Dhabi Police continues to give and launch humanitarian and social initiatives to enrich all segments of society, believing in us to contribute in its role in building a sympathetic and cohesion society dominated by affinity, love and tolerance, to be A world model in his humanity, his connection and the happiness of his individuals.

Mohammad Saif Ahmed Al-Kandi, director of the Red Crescent Center in Al-Ain City, praised the humanitarian and community role of the Abu Dhabi Police and its active and ongoing contributions to the Red Crescent Organization initiatives.

Moreover, to enhance the humanitarian aspects of the community, pointing out that the initiative (fulfilment of the wishes of orphans) is aimed at bringing joy and pleasure into their souls and realizing their dream of existing In one of the police sites, the authorities made them very happy to realize their wishes in recognizing the nature of working with Abu Dhabi Police.