Bahrain: WHO announces continuation of eliminating Kingdom of measles

Among the continuous achievements of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the field of health, WHO announces the continuation of eliminating the Kingdom of measles and German measles.

Among the continuous achievements of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the field of health, WHO announces the continuation of eliminating the Kingdom of measles and German measles.

Recently it was declared that WHO to continuously rid of the Kingdom of measles and German measles; the Regional Committee for the Middle East has achieved WHO thirst for the Kingdom of Bahrain to get rid of measles and German measles, and it was granted Testimony in May 2019 and re-issued after inspection again in November 2022.


The Kingdom of Bahrain takes pride in achieving this health achievement which reflects its national medical competencies and government commitment to enhancing the quality and level of health services under a robust health system capable of detecting and controlling disease in line with the recommendations of the WHO, as clearly reflected.

The preventive programs in the Kingdom of Bahrain had it in a manner General, the National Program for Eradication of Measles, German Measles, and the Extensive Prevention Program in particular continued support, and the efforts made over the years in all health sectors in general and preventive in particular, and nailing the actions and capabilities of the Public Health Management in Majm Infectious Diseases Awareness, Immunization Group, Public Health Laboratory, and Verification Committee From Measles and German Measles in the Kingdom; combining experience in various related specialities.

Availability of high-quality primary care services available to all residents in accessible areas, partnership with government and private sectors that provide health services, Community awareness of accepting preventive services and having a legal framework represented in the Health Law Public and Child Protection Act.

This achievement was only possible with the Supreme Council of Health’s vision to achieve inclusive healthcare and sustainable development goals, which contributed to achieving leadership in this field for the Kingdom of Bahrain to be an example in the Middle East region.


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