BBC donates sales revenue of Princess Diana from 1995 interview to charity

After discovering that Princess Diana had been duped into participating in the shocking exposé, the BBC said on Friday that it had donated the sales revenue from the 1995 interview to charity.

After discovering that Princess Diana had been duped into participating in the shocking exposé, the BBC said on Friday that it had donated the sales revenue from the 1995 interview to charity.

The “Panorama” interview, in which Diana revealed adultery in her marriage to the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, attracted a record-breaking 22.8 million viewers.


In a study released in May, retired senior judge John Dyson claimed that BBC journalist Martin Bashir had forged financial statements as well as sent them to the princess’ brother to get her to come.

Along with this, the major British media company announced Friday that it had donated $1.64 million (£1.42 million) to seven organisations associated with the princess.

The Leprosy Mission, English National Ballet, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, and the National AIDS Trust are among them.

As per the sources, how Bashir convinced Diana to speak on the BBC’s premier current affairs show, which won several television prizes, has long been the subject of speculation.

In it, she made the infamous claim that her marriage consisted of “three people”—Charles, her, and his longtime lover and current spouse, Camilla Parker Bowles—and she also confessed to having an affair.

At the interview, Bashir was not well-known, but he had a prominent career on US television networks, where he interviewed celebrities like Michael Jackson.


Bashir apologised, saying it was “an action I greatly regret” fabricating the bank transactions to show Diana’s closest confidantes were being paid to monitor her.

Furthermore, Diana and Charles divorced formally in 1996. The following year in Paris, she was pursued by paparazzi photographers when she was murdered at age 36 in a high-speed vehicle accident. In 2005, Charles wed Camilla.

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