Court issues arrest warrant against Chris Hansen!

The popular “To Catch a Predator” host Chris Hansen has an arrest warrant issue against him by the court after he failed to appear the court hearing in Michigan on Thursday.

According to the reports, Chris Hansen was required to appear Shiawassee County courtroom regarding a sting operation that he provided his assistance for. As a result of the sting, the authorities were able to arrest three men who sought to meet up with underage girls in October 2020.

As told by the Shiawassee County Prosecuting Attorney Scott Koerner Hansen was subpoenaed to appear in court on Thursday, which he failed to do. In addition, Hansen reportedly failed to return discovery materials related to a sex trafficking case as well.

However, Hansen recently posted on Instagram explaining what really happened and that whatever happened was a result of “miscommunication.” Hansen wrote, “The court matter in Shiawasse Co, Michigan today resulted from a predator investigation there. Defense lawyers for accused predator Michael Lott had requested video from the investigation. There was miscommunication about a hearing today on the issue. The matter is currently being resolved!”

Chris Hansen is an American journalist and host for the NBC reality television series “To Catch a Predator,” which basically conducts sting operations to arrest the men who try to be or are involved in sexual activities with minors. As described by IMDb, the show was, “devoted to impersonating underage people (generally ages 12 – 15) and detaining male adults who contacted them over the Internet for sexual liaisons.”

The arrests made on October 2020 were also a result of one of such string operations by authorities and assisted by Chris Hansen. Therefore, the 61-year-old host was supposed to appear in the Shiawassee County court, Michigan on the day of the hearing of the case (Thursday). However, the host stated that the matter is being looked after.


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