Dominica: DLP bags 19 of 21 constituencies in snap general elections

The Dominica Labour Party won a clean sweep victory in the snap general elections, which took place on December 6, 2022. They secured 19 out of 21 constituencies and bagged victory in about six consecutive polls.

The Dominica Labour Party won a clean sweep victory in the snap general elections, which took place on December 6, 2022. They secured 19 out of 21 constituencies and bagged victory in about six consecutive polls.

The Prime Minister of the country, Roosevelt Skerrit, expressed gratitude to every person who supported him throughout his journey and allowed the party to win 19 constituencies.


Dominica’s electoral office made the announcement of the results, as well as mentioned that the Dominica Labour Party has won most of the seats.

Along with this, DLP has cleared their way in the parliament for the next five years. The remaining seats have been secured by Independent candidates.

Since 2004, Prime Minister Skerrit has been the Prime Minister. In the month of November this year, he announced the details of the snap general elections.

Moreover, 19 candidates of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) won a landslide victory in the snap general elections in 2022 in their respective constituencies. On the other hand, two constituencies named Salisbury and Marigot were bagged by independent candidates.

Also, the former Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Perry Christie, who is also the Chief of the Electoral Mission of the OAS in Dominica, monitored the entire elections in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Here is the list of duly elected candidates of DLP:



  1. Darren Pinard – Colihaut Constituency
  2. Lakeyia Lennicia Jamelle – Paix Bouche Constituency
  3. Roland Royer – Cottage Constituency
  4. Irving Francis McIntyre – Roseau Valley Constituency
  5. Roosevelt Skerrit – Vieille Case Constituency
  6. Julian B.G Defoe – Petite Savenne Constituency


Furthermore, the DLP bagged victory on the other 13 seats.


The Roseau Central will again witness the term of Melissa Poponne Skerrit for the next five years with about 1023 votes.


  • Grand Bay Constituency: Vince Henderson of DLP won with 1139 votes.
  • Castle Bruce Constituency: Octavia Alfred of DLP won with 782 votes.
  • La Plaine Constituency: Dr Cassandra Williams of DLP won with 690 votes.
  • Mahaunt Constituency: DLP candidate Cassani C Laville secures the place of parliament representative with 2016 votes.
  • Grand Fond Constituency: Gretta Bernadette Roberts of DLP won with 571 votes.
  • Portsmouth Constituency: Fenella Wenham of DLP won with 16 votes.
  • Roseau North Constituency: Alethea Blanchard of DLP won with 1486 votes.
  • Roseau South Constituency: Chekira Nikisha Sara Lockhart of DLP with 1739 votes.
  • Salybia Constituency: Cozier Pius Frederick of DLP won with 334 votes.
  • St Joseph Constituency: Darren Tevin Lloyd of DLP won with 91 votes.
  • Soufriere constituency: Denise Charles of DLP won with 1236 votes.
  • Wesley Constituency: Fidel Grant of DLP won with 717 votes.
  • Marigot constituency: Independent Candidate Anthony S. Charles won with 491 votes.


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