Dubai Police rescues two-year-old stuck in locked car

Police managed to rescue a two-year-old boy who was stuck in his mother's car in Dubai.

Police managed to rescue a two-year-old boy who was stuck in his mother’s car in Dubai.

The Federal Public Prosecution stated, through its window on the social networking site “Twitter”, that the child was trapped in the vehicle because he was tied to the child’s seat, in addition to the automatic locking of the doors after his mother left the vehicle and headed to a store.

She stated that the mother had left the house and headed to a store to get some household items, accompanied by the child. When she arrived at the store, she began searching on a site with the aim of parking the vehicle and entering the store.

As soon as she found a stop, the mother got out of the car, deciding at the same time to leave her young son in the car tied to the seat belt for a few minutes while she finished buying the house necessities and then back in the car.

She said: The mother of the child was surprised after she finished buying her belongings and returned to the vehicle, not being able or able to open the doors of her car, as it turned out that the key was inside the car, and she did not know the real reason why the car closed its doors with the child inside.

The Federal Public Prosecution indicated that when the mother of the child realized the great danger facing the child and that his life was in danger, she rushed to request help, as she contacted the policemen who arrived at the place in a record and fast time in less than 5 minutes, and they, through the competent expert, opened the doors The vehicle and the removal of the child, before his health condition worsens or he dies as a result of being locked inside the vehicle alone.

The Federal Public Prosecution confirmed that leaving children alone in vehicles is a very dangerous matter, and parents must protect their children from these dangers and not leave them alone in the vehicle.

She called on all members of society and children’s families to ensure that children get off vehicles and make sure that they are free of any people before locking and leaving the vehicle, whether they are going to the house or shopping centres.



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