Dubai Resident Prepares to Embrace a Keyless Future with Microchip Implant

The procedure involves the insertion of a tiny radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tag, approximately the size of a grain of rice, into the back of Prestidge's hand using a syringe

Briar Prestidge, CEO and founder of the Prestidge Group and an award-winning documentary producer, is set to undergo a revolutionary procedure next month.

A New Zealand expat residing in Dubai, Prestidge is preparing to bid farewell to traditional keys, opting instead for a microchip implant in her hand.


The procedure involves the insertion of a tiny radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic tag, approximately the size of a grain of rice, into the back of Prestidge’s hand using a syringe.

This futuristic implantation promises to liberate her from the hassle of carrying keys and the fear of misplacing them.

Prestidge envisions a future where mundane tasks like unlocking doors or accessing her car are seamlessly integrated into her daily life.

“I am going to open myself to technology,” she declared, highlighting the potential of this innovation to streamline her routines and inspire others to reimagine the possibilities for humanity’s advancement.

Collaborating with a smart home management consultancy in Dubai, Prestidge plans to leverage the chip to automate various aspects of her life.

From accessing her residence and gym to unlocking her car, she sees this implantation as a gateway to a more efficient and convenient lifestyle.


Despite her excitement, Prestidge acknowledges a tinge of apprehension. “I am a little bit scared; I am not going to lie…but I am very much looking forward to exploring the future,” she confessed.

For her, the significance of the microchip extends beyond its practical applications; it symbolizes a deeper commitment to embracing technological progress.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Prestidge outlined her mission to delve into the innovations shaping the future.

“With technological, science, and medical advancements comes an incredible opportunity to better the path of humanity,” she proclaimed, emphasizing the transformative potential of such advancements.

While the current implantation won’t grant Prestidge the ability to make payments with a simple wave of her hand, she eagerly anticipates joining the waiting list for payment-enabled chips.

“I’m excited for the payment ones,” she enthused, highlighting the potential to eliminate the need to carry smartphones for transactions like Apple Pay.

Microchip implantation in humans has evolved from a novelty to a commercial reality over the past decade.

With over 50,000 individuals worldwide opting for subdermal chip placement, this technology has gained traction as a modern alternative to traditional keys or credit cards.

Germany and Sweden stand out as leading adopters of this technology, with thousands embracing microchip implants for various purposes.

In Germany, over 2,000 individuals have integrated these chips into their bodies, while in Sweden, approximately 3,000 people have done the same over the past three years.

These implants serve diverse functions, from facilitating office building access and gym memberships to enabling cashless transactions and storing critical information.

As Briar Prestidge prepares to take the leap into a keyless future, her journey exemplifies a growing trend towards the integration of technology into everyday life.

With each implant, individuals like Prestidge are not only embracing convenience but also symbolically embracing the possibilities of a technologically enriched future.

In the ever-evolving technological innovation landscape, microchip implantation represents a paradigm shift towards seamless integration and enhanced human capabilities.

As more individuals like Briar Prestidge pave the way, the boundaries of what’s possible continue to expand, promising a future where the unimaginable becomes a reality.


This article was created using automation technology and was thoroughly edited and fact-checked by one of our editorial staff members

Tariq Saeed


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