Dubai Urban Tech District to create over 4000 jobs

A new urban technology district has been disclosed in Dubai, UAE, which is set to make 4000 new jobs in green urban technology, education as well as training.

A new urban technology district has been disclosed in Dubai, UAE, which is set to make 4000 new jobs in green urban technology, education as well as training.

The Dubai Urban Tech District will be located on Dubai’s Creekside of Al Jaddaf district and will be covering 140,000 square metres of built-up area.


The chief executive of URB, the company behind the Urban Tech District, Baharash Bagherian, said, “Dubai is best placed to direct the urban tech transformation than any other city in the world.”

He further added that the Urban Tech District would be a new worldwide tech hub for urban innovation. With 140,000 square metres of built-up area, it would be the largest urban tech district in the world, thus making Dubai the centre for urban innovation.

After its introduction, the district will be able to conduct seminars, conferences, business incubation programmes, training and research sessions and offer different amenities, said URB.

It stated that the building would also neutralise all its embodied carbon emissions from operations and construction.

It stated, “The district will give opportunities for a new breed of creative companies that need a platform to proliferate.”


URB said that the project is anticipated to start by 2024 and will be finished in two phases by 2030.

An institute will also be included, which is anticipated to boost the next generation of urban tech leaders.

Furthermore, the district will provide chances to drive new innovations, as per applied research, while driving public-private partnerships.

The company is established by Mr Bagherian and provides development management and master planning services, focusing on net zero sustainable cities.

Other projects involved include Xzero City in Kuwait, a sustainable net zero city for 100,000 residents, Alnana Smart City in Riyadh, which will house 44,000 people, and Nexgen Sustainable City in Egypt, which will have residents around 35,000 around 580 hectares.

Tariq Saeed

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