Dubai’s Groove on Grass music festival 2022 is back with bang today; Tickets available

One of Dubai's most prominent music festivals, Groove on Grass festival 2022, is back for its tenth edition on October 15 2022.

One of Dubai’s most prominent music festivals, Groove on the Grass festival 2022, is back for its tenth edition on October 15 2022.

The event will be taking place today, Saturday, October 15, called Ten Years of Groove.


The UAE’s home-grown music and arts festival Groove on the Grass 2022 has gained a loyal following from fans all across the globe over the last decade; Big things are expected to happen this 10th anniversary of the festival.

The event is set to be managed at Emirates Golf Course, where there are two outdoor stages along with the Main Stage and Green Arena.

According to the Dubai-based publication, tickets are still left for the 21-years-plus festival. They are available to be bought on Platinumlist and start from Dhs285.

Satori & The Band From Space will be the headline act on the main stage, warmed up by acts including Lost Desert, Unders, Aerobie, Deian, Iman Rohani and Morgan Dope.



Over on the Green Arena will be Another, Dewalta & Shannon, Maks & Ricardo De Meneses and Moataz Iman & Badry.

The festival also puts on dates in LA and Jeddah. Known for championing music from the Middle East, Groove on the Grass has introduced various hidden talented artists into the market, along with bringing forward the international artists from across the globe to their stage in Dubai.

Former artists include Lebanese indie-rock band Mashrou’ Leila, Satori & The Band From Space and Hassan Alwan of Boogie Box fame.

Tariq Saeed

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