Egypt: Ismailia Medical Complex Achieves Historic National Accreditation
Egypt: Ismailia Medical Complex Achieves Historic National Accreditation || Picture Courtesy: Goverment of Egypt

Cairo, Egypt: The Board of Directors of the General Health Care Authority, chaired by Dr Ahmed Al-Sabaki, Chairman of the Board of Directors and the General Supervisor on the projects of Comprehensive Health Insurance and Hayat Karima in the Ministry of Health and Population, congratulating the executive and staff of Ismailia Medical Complex and everyone who contributed to the accreditation of the complex and obtaining the national accreditation GAHAR recognized by the organization Escoa International is the first accredited medical complex in the history of Egypt, appreciating all the efforts made to achieve this great achievement.

Dr Ahmed Al-Sabaki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Authority, confirmed work in a progressive way to achieve President El-Sisi’s dream of inclusive health coverage for all Egyptians and global quality in cooperation with all health authorities and follows, “We seek the global evaluation of the Health Care Authority’s performance to put Egypt on the international map, signalling that the Authority is the first Egyptian member In the International Hospital Federation and the Arab Hospital Federation, we are also competing to join the membership of the International Federation of Hospitals.”


According to the government of government of Egypt, this came during the regular meeting of the Healthcare Board of Directors, No. (64), chaired by Dr Ahmed Al-Sabaki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Board, to discuss the most important topics related to work development proposals and policies and lay out future plans to ensure the continuation of regulation and regulation of the delivery of health care services to Comprehensive Health Insurance beneficiaries with professional and global quality.

During the meeting, the Board of Directors of the Authority agreed to change the name of the Luxor International Hospital belonging to the Luxor Governorate to the Luxor International Medical Complex, where the Chairman of the Board of Directors indicated the change of the name given the Luxor International Complex has an advanced infrastructure, tremendous potential and high-level medical and non-medical equipment This is after raising its competence and developing it in accordance with the latest international standards for working within the Luxor comprehensive health insurance system.

Dr Ahmed Al-Sabaki was drawn to the Healthcare Authority’s strategy to work with the system of comprehensive medical complexes to provide as many healthcare services in one place without the need for patients to move to more than one place to receive integrated healthcare.

Accordingly, Luxor International Medical Complex has exceeded its development cost of 1 billion pounds, the area of 50 thousand square meters, and its capacity is set to be 560 beds. And it includes many of the most important departments: “emergencies, outpatient clinics, internal patients, operations, intensive care and critical cases, nurseries, tumours, sperm transplantation, burns, Factories, radiation, regional blood bank, plus a private facility for ashes and another for kidney lymphatic drainage.”

During the meeting, the Board of Directors of the Authority discussed the proposal to establish an inventory control unit, where the Board agreed in principle to create a new inventory control unit within the framework of its strategy to enhance the quality and effectiveness of healthcare in Comprehensive Health Insurance provinces, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors also proposed to finalize the unit and its specialities And indicators of its performance.

Dr Ahmed Al-Sabaki noted that the establishment of an inventory control unit is an important strategic step aimed at improving the management of health inventory, ensuring the availability of medicines and medical supplies in adequate quantities and high quality, balancing actual stock needs and expected demand, avoiding any unwanted shortages or surpluses, and the unit also targets To ensure that medicines and medical supplies are used in effective and sustainable ways and to ensure that they are available and available to all.


Al-Sabaki added that it represents the relationship between the Inventory Control Unit and the General Healthcare Authority’s work strategy in promoting transparency and accountability in managing the health inventory, improving the efficiency of supply and distribution. This unit is part of the Authority’s comprehensive efforts to improve the general quality and standard of healthcare in Egypt and reflects its commitment to providing health services, the privilege of the citizens.

As per the update, during the meeting, the Board of directors discussed the proposal to include the Technical High School of Nursing in Essna according to the technical study provided in this regard, as the Board of directors agreed in principle to include the school to Technical Care Nursing Institutes in Luxor, in the framework of the implementation of the vision of the Authority in developing nursing education.

Dr Ahmed Al-Sabaki added that the Technical Care Nursing Institutes ensure students are qualified and are provided with the necessary practical skills in accordance with global quality standards, contributing to improving the quality of medical care provided to beneficiaries, while the educational curriculum is developed in line with quality standards, keeping up with the needs of the labour market and global developments, aiming to graduate nursing cadres Able to deliver nursing care based on the information and practical skills needed while working with healthy and patient individuals across all health institutions, as an important serving arm in the health care system.

Al-Sabaki said that the institutes of technical care for nursing belonging to the Governorate of Comprehensive Health Insurance include three institutes in Port Said Governorate “Almbara, Salam, Life Porfouad”, four institutes in Luxor “Karnak International, Luxor, ISIS, Horus”, in addition to the Faid Technical Care Institute for Nursing in Ismailia Governorate, with a total of 8 institutes in the governorates of Comprehensive Health insurance application until Right now.

It is noted that the meeting of the Board of Health Care Board No. (64), attended by Dr Hani Rashid, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Members of the Board, Dr Ihab Abu Aish, Deputy Minister of Finance and Deputy Chairman of the General Health Insurance Authority, Dr Hussein Khairi, Captain General of Doctors, and Dr Ihab Haikel, Captain General of Dentists, Dr Sami Saad, Captain General of Physiotherapy, Dr Kawthar Mahmoud, Captain General of Nursing and Member of Senate, Dr Farid Muharram, Health Cost Accountant and Economic Advisor, Healthcare Authority, Dr Ibrahim Fakhar, Member of Civil Society of Healthcare Experts, and Advisor Muhammad Farooq Musa, Deputy Chairman State Council, And Dr Faten Abdul Aziz, an alumni professor at the Egyptian Medicine Board and a member of the management committee of the General Union of Pharmacists.

The board meeting of the General Healthcare Authority was attended by the Authority, including Dr Amir Al-Talwani, Executive Director of the Authority; Dr Mustafa Ghanima, Advisor to the Chairman of the Institutional Transformation Authority; Dr Jamal Ratba, Advisor to the Authority for Inventive Studies and Chairman of the Central Administration for Institutional Support Services, Dr Ahmed Hamad, Advisor to the Health Policy and Systems Authority; and Dr Fathi Shamsuddin, the Media Consultant and the General Supervisor of Media Management of the body.


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