Egypt says it contains enough vaccines to inoculate 42 million population

The Ministry of Health and Population, in its recent statement, noted that the country is having enough stock of the COVID-19 vaccines to inoculate at least 42 million people. 

Cairo, Egypt: The Ministry of Health and Population, in its recent statement, noted that the country is having enough stock of the COVID-19 vaccines to inoculate at least 42 million people. 

Among this 42 million population, the targeted population is individuals of 18 years and above, the health ministry added. 

He stated, “We do not have any problems with vaccines, and they are provided free of charge, and we are now working on door-to-door campaigns for vaccination, and 51 per cent of citizens have been fully vaccinated.” 

The spokesperson for the ministry Hossam Abdel-Ghaffar, further in his statement, cited and ensured the general public of the country that the ministry is keeping an eye on and will keep them up-to-date on infection and death rates hospitalization cases and intensive care units. 

The health ministry noted that, so far, there are a total of 41,541,608 individuals who received at least the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccines and are in the category of partially inoculated individuals. 

A total of 30,867,282 citizens of Egypt have received their recommended number of the COVID-19 vaccines and are now fully vaccinated. On the other hand, there are a total of 1,462,500 individuals who are fully inoculated and have also taken their booster shots of the WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines. 

The health ministry, earlier, confirmed the end of the fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Middle East nation. The country started vaccinating its population with booster shots on December 21, 2022. 

Sinovac, Sinopharm, AstraZeneca, Sputnik, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna are the COVID-19 vaccines that are at the present time being administered at the various COVID-19 vaccination centres and sites in the Middle East country, the health ministry spokesperson further adds. 

The health ministry further called on the Egyptian population to get themselves registered to get their required doses of the COVID-19 vaccines, as soon as possible. 



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