Egyptian Tourism Ministry set up helpline numbers, addresses to assist pilgrims in Saudi Arabia
Egyptian Tourism Ministry set up helpline numbers, addresses to assist pilgrims in Saudi Arabia || image credits : Tourism Ministry (Facebook)

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates: The Ministry of Tourism and Monuments has recently announced the phone numbers and addresses of the Egyptian Mission for Tourist Hajj headquarters in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates. The helplines are made available for the people visiting Saudi Arabia during the festival season at such places, including Mecca Medina and other locations.

According to recent updates, the Ministry of Tourism and Archaeology has issued the supervisory and monitoring role to follow up on the implementation and performance of tourism companies’ programs for pilgrimage trips this year.


In addition, the members of the Egyptian Tourist Hajj are currently in the Holy Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where a commission has been paid in Mecca, Medina, and all ports and airports through Nabee ports. Jordanian Sea, Aqaba, and Ammar Al-Bari, Saudi Arabia.

On her part, Mrs Samia Sami, Head of the Central Administration for Tourism Companies in the Ministry, Head of the Egyptian Hajj Tourism Affairs Office and Chairman of the Higher Committee for Hajj and Umrah, explained that the mission committees receive tourist pilgrims, work on providing care and comfort. The companies aim to provide all facilities and ensure tourist companies provide the best services in accordance with the contract signed between Hajj and the Company.

The cooperation will work in light of the Ministry-approved regulations regarding tourist pilgrimage, humiliating any problems, obstacles or difficulties they may encounter while performing Manask in the Holy Land. She also said that the Ministry had allocated phone numbers to receive all inquiries and complaints around the clock.

The inquiries will be answered either by tourism companies or Egyptian tourism pilgrims directly while they are in the holy lands and contact with the Egyptian Pilgrimage Mission in Saudi Arabia, in addition to announcing the addresses of the headquarters of the mission, which are as Next:

  • Mecca: Makram Ajyad Hotel Mecca – Ajyad Al-Agyad Street – Mecca – Mobile number: 0530655677
  • Medina: Hotel (Saja Al Mediya) – Northern Central Region – Medina – Mobile number: 0551731706
  • Azizia Region: Tara Sedqi Hotel – Sedqi Street – A branch of Azizia General – Mobile number: 0553008628

She added that the ministry committees in all places and outlets work 24 hours a day to serve and comfort the pilgrims of Baitullah Haram and that the committees in Saudi territories daily pass through the pilgrims’ residences, check on them and monitor their conditions.¬†

It was also said that following the arrival of the pilgrims at Jeddah airport, Medina and the port of Ammar Al-Bari in Saudi Arabia and the Jordanian Port of Aqaba, to ensure their comfort and safety until their safe return to their homeland.


Notably, “Professor Samia Sami also emphasized the Ministry’s full communication, coordination and continuous cooperation with the Official Mission of the Pilgrims of the Arab Republic of Egypt regarding the Hajj season regarding all matters related to the Egyptian tourist pilgrimage.”


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