Eid Al Adha Scorcher: UAE Hits Hottest Temperature of the Year at 49.4°C

The UAE's weather extremes continued into July 2023, marking the first instance temperatures surpassed the 50°C mark, with a scalding 50.1°C recorded on consecutive days, July 15 and 16, in Bada Dafas, also situated in the Al Dhafra Region

Sweihan, UAEIn a scorching testament to the relentless summer heat, the United Arab Emirates recorded its hottest day of the year on Sunday, with temperatures peaking at a blistering 49.4°C.

The National Centre of Meteorology confirmed that the mercury soared to this staggering high at 2:45 pm in Sweihan, located in the Al Ain region of Abu Dhabi.


This recent peak comes close on the heels of last year’s record-breaking temperatures, where August saw a sweltering 50.8°C in Owtaid, within Abu Dhabi’s Al Dhafra Region.

The UAE’s weather extremes continued into July 2023, marking the first instance temperatures surpassed the 50°C mark, with a scalding 50.1°C recorded on consecutive days, July 15 and 16, in Bada Dafas, also situated in the Al Dhafra Region.

Despite Sunday’s slightly lower high of 49.4°C, the weather brought unexpected relief to some parts of the country in the form of rainfall, a rare occurrence during the summer months in this arid region.

Authorities have further forecasted additional showers for today, offering a reprieve from the intense heatwave.

In response to these extreme weather conditions, authorities have issued crucial health advisories urging residents and citizens alike to take precautionary measures.

Directives include minimizing outdoor activities during peak sun hours, ensuring adequate hydration, and seeking shelter in air-conditioned environments to mitigate the risk of heat-related illnesses.


The fluctuating climate patterns underscore ongoing concerns over global warming’s impact on the Middle East, intensifying the region’s vulnerability to soaring temperatures and erratic weather patterns.

Scientists continue to monitor these developments closely, emphasizing the importance of sustainable practices and adaptive measures to mitigate future climate risks.

As the UAE navigates through another blistering summer, the resilience of its communities in adapting to and preparing for extreme weather remains paramount.

With temperatures expected to remain elevated in the coming days, vigilance and preparedness will be crucial in safeguarding public health and well-being against the unforgiving summer heat.

For now, amidst the dual challenges of record-breaking heat and unexpected rainfall, the UAE populace persists in their efforts to stay cool, stay safe, and weather the elements with resilience and determination.


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Tariq Saeed

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