Hels on Wheels explores borders of Saudi on her cycle

Daily vlogger and blogger, popularly known as 'Hels on Wheels' across social media platforms, is a full-time Global Hobo cyclist who travels the world on her cycle and shares her experience through photos and youtube vlogs.

Daily vlogger and blogger, popularly known as ‘Hels on Wheels’ across social media platforms, is a full-time Global Hobo cyclist who travels the world on her cycle and shares her experience through photos and youtube vlogs.

Hels on Wheels’ shares her cycling journey to unknown small towns along with the number of kilometres she cycled through her everyday vlogs.


Recently daily vlogger and cyclist shared her experience about visiting the borders of Saudi; Hels on wheels wrote:-

I left the nearly abandoned service station whilst my friends slept on mattresses by the pump. My security detail was still out, and I wondered if I’d be in trouble for setting off without him. Almost immediately, a car u-turned (on the motorway!) to come to say hi.

 Once my police escort arrived, this only happened again when I was let loose in Qatar. A constant police presence will severely diminish my opportunities to meet people in this way.

At the border, I was ready for the wait this time, and with more English speakers, I was filled in on what was happening. Though I find it hard to believe, I’m told I’m the first person to attempt to cross this border by bike, so authorisation had to be found. I was seated in a waiting room, brought coffee and provided with wifi until the OK came from Riyadh.

 A Saudi military police car escorted me the 5 or 6km of no-man’s land to the first Qatari police cars. From there, I was stopped several times on the last few km to Qatari immigration. Here a festival atmosphere with flags and coaches of excited tourists greeted me. 


Immigration was simple: I don’t think he even checked my Hayya card, though it had been suspended several times on the way. My luggage was sniffer dog inspected, x-rayed, and here I lost the big bag of lunch given to me by Saudi border guards. Gutted!

I was prevented from leaving the enclosure by bike, so Gibbo and I were bundled onto a shuttle bus which drove us a few km down the highway, where we were deposited at a park-and-ride stop, handed a free SIM card. And I was on my way!

I found an ATM at a service station, and if my memory of the exchange rate serves me withdrew AU$200. Without an escort again, cars stopped to wish me well, give me water, and take photos.

An hour before sunset, a service station with food and wifi attracted me, and though I sought and was given permission to camp, I was soon moved indoors into an empty function room.

 The trouble mortified me. They went to in cleaning it up for me, and I will try to avoid camping in such a place on my way out of Qatar next year.. (yep, I’m taking a little break )


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