Hobo cyclist ‘Hels on Wheels’ shares her experience of cycling in Oman

Daily vlogger and blogger, popularly known as 'Hels on Wheels' across social media platforms, is a full-time Global Hobo cyclist who travels the world on her cycle and shares her experience through photos and youtube vlogs.

Daily vlogger and blogger, popularly known as ‘Hels on Wheels’ across social media platforms, is a full-time Global Hobo cyclist who travels the world on her cycle and shares her experience through photos and youtube vlogs.

Hels on Wheels‘ shares her cycling journey to unknown small towns along with the number of kilometres she cycled through her everyday vlogs.


This talent had helped her gain 1.9k family on her Facebook account.

Recently the global hobo cyclist shared her experience of cycling to a small town in Oman known as Jebel Shams. On the 261st day of her cycling journey, she cycled for 49km (68001 km).

While sharing her cycling experience, ‘Hels on Wheels’ wrote:-

“At 2000 m, I’d used both sleeping bags, subsequently sleeping perfectly toasty all night. The layers were quickly removed when the sun hit the tent as the temperature soared.

I’d planned to hike the Balcony walk, but in the end, I decided to give my legs a rest and enjoy the canyon from a seated position. If I’d hiked up as initially planned, I could’ve enjoyed the hike instead. I didn’t rush, enjoying my time, but intimidated by the steep, dusty descent, and I didn’t dare linger too long at the top.


In fact (naturally), I needn’t have worried; the short bitumen climbs were manageable even on my exhausted legs, and even the steepest dustiest descents didn’t reasonably require that I get off and walk Gibbo down.

I’m no mountain biker! Facing oncoming cars with my head up now, I could see all the thumbs-ups from drivers I was receiving. The view was improved too by better air quality. A fast-moving skinny snake slithered off the road quicker than I could get to the camera.

It was a glorious ride. But halfway down, I met a pair of cyclists whose apparent ease in doing the climb diminished my achievements slightly!

Back in Al Hamra, I whiled away the afternoon in a Turkish restaurant over a huge (I think it’s meant for sharing ) mixed grill. With an hour of daylight left, I set off to find a camp. The cyclists recommended football pitch didn’t appeal, and I was ready to camp alone tonight. I’ve met so many lovely people. Lately, I’ve been talked out in answering all the questions.

Instead, I pitched up on a patch of dry mud amongst the pebbles of the wadi floor. Later, an Omani in a 4×4 came to investigate the light. Upon finding me, he apologised and swiftly left; he seemed embarrassed. I continue to feel utterly unthreatened by wild camping. I’m Oman.”


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