Instagram is testing a new feature to re-broadcast posts

Instagram is preparing to test a new feature that allows a user to rebroadcast a specific post to a specific group of users.

Instagram is preparing to test a new feature that allows a user to rebroadcast a specific post to a specific group of users.
The platform, owned by Meta, the parent company of the social network, Facebook, said it will start testing the new feature very soon.
TechCrunch, which specializes in technology issues, quoted a Meta spokesperson as saying, “We are studying the possibility of rebroadcasting posts in the Feed section, as happens in re-sharing posts through the Stories section, so that users can exchange the posts spread among them, and therefore the post is always attributed to its creator. …and we plan to test this feature with a limited number of users soon.”
Technology expert Matt Navarra was the first to spot these new features and posted a screenshot with a “Repost” button. The “Repost” button will allow you to re-post all types of posts that users re-share through their accounts.
It is noteworthy that there is currently no way for users of the Instagram platform to rebroadcast any post directly, and the user has to resort to another application in order to rebroadcast a post on the platform. Adding the repost feature will eliminate the need to spend a lot of effort in order to repost another user’s post on Instagram. This feature is really useful even though a user can now share a post for another user through their own Stories section. But the new feature will allow him to repost it via the Feed section.


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