Israeli Military reveals tunnel beneath Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital

In a startling revelation on Sunday, the Israeli Military announced the discovery of a tunnel extending 55 meters beneath Gaza's Al Shifa hospital, a prominent complex in the midst of conflict

In a startling revelation on Sunday, the Israeli Military announced the discovery of a tunnel extending 55 meters beneath Gaza’s Al Shifa hospital, a prominent complex in the midst of conflict.

This underground passage was uncovered amid an extensive military operation in the region.


Al Shifa Hospital, already operating under challenging conditions, has now become a focal point of the conflict, raising concerns about the safety of its patients and medical staff.

The World Health Organization has labelled it a “death zone,” emphasizing the grave humanitarian implications of the ongoing situation.

The Israeli Military released security camera footage that it claims depicts hostages being brought into Al Shifa hospital following the October 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel.

In one clip, a man is seen on a gurney, surrounded by armed individuals. In contrast, another clip captures a person resisting forcefully as they are dragged into a building resembling a hospital.

The revelation of a tunnel beneath the hospital adds complexity to the already tense situation.

The military operation in the area takes on a different dimension as the underground network potentially implicates the hospital in activities beyond its intended medical purpose.


More than 30 premature babies have been evacuated from Al Shifa Hospital, highlighting the immediate impact of the military operation on the vulnerable population.

The humanitarian crisis deepens as essential medical services are disrupted, leaving civilians, including infants, in a precarious situation.

The international community is closely monitoring the developments, with the World Health Organization expressing deep concern about the deteriorating conditions at Al Shifa Hospital.

Calls for the protection of medical facilities and personnel have intensified, emphasizing the need for a swift resolution to the conflict to ensure the safety and well-being of civilians caught in the crossfire.

As tensions escalate and the conflict takes unpredictable turns, the focus remains on the delicate balance between military objectives and the protection of civilian lives.

The underground tunnel discovery adds a layer of complexity to an already challenging situation, requiring careful consideration of the humanitarian consequences in the pursuit of strategic goals.

The world watches as the situation unfolds, hoping for a resolution prioritising the safety and welfare of the innocent caught amid conflict.

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Tariq Saeed

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