Jameela Jamil slams the comparisons being made between Ben Affleck’s partners JLo and Jennifer Lawrence!

Jennifer Lopez recently took the world by surprise with her reunion with her former boyfriend Ben Affleck, who was previously married to Jennifer Lawrence. Since then, various publications and even people have been putting out content comparing the two women who have been related to Ben Affleck, and Jameela Jamil has criticized this act.

Jamil spoke out against comparisons being made between Lawrence and Lope ever since JLo and Affleck got romantically involved again.


Jamil took it to social media on Sunday and slammed the type of content being put out in the world. She wrote on Twitter, “ABSOLUTELY not here for the Jennifer Garner comparison to JLo, with paparazzi pics of her working out, put right next to glamorous social media photos of JLo. It’s not the nineties. We aren’t still pitting women against women over a guy… ESP when only one of them wants him.”

Sharing a screenshot of her tweet, Jamil posted it on her Instagram story as well and taught people a lesson of defunding patriarchy. She wrote, “BLOCK any publication or individual pursuing this narrative. Otherwise you are directly funding patriarchy. #defundpatriarchy so that women can be free.”

“I have lived a life of so many women seeing me as a threat or a competitor, and have never wanted that, nor have I ever seen another woman as anything other than safety in numbers, or someone to be excited about,” stated the “The Good Place” star.

Jamil continued, “I’ve also often had men actively try to pit me and other women against each other. This b******* comes from patriarchy, and is repeatedly infused into our psyche via the mostly but not Only tabloid media. Let the Jens live. Let women live. Let girls live. Stop the rot.”

Jameela Jamil has always been open and vocal about wrongdoings in the society, specifically against women. She often talks about the “media industry standards”. She has also called out other female celebrities as “double agents of the patriarchy”  for promoting unhealthy body image. Jameela has also criticized model industry, specifically Victoria’s Secret stating that the runway models looked “long-starved” and “terrified.”




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