Learner Drivers and Safety: Instructor Fined for Sudden Swerving Violation in UAE

In the UAE, sudden swerving incurs a fine of Dh1,000 and four black points on the motorist’s license. However, in Myla’s case, being a learner driver without a license, the responsibility falls elsewhere

Dubai, UAE: After weeks of theoretical driving lessons, Myla (name changed) hit the road for the first time. Her initial nervousness was evident, with sweaty hands gripping the steering wheel as she tried to adhere to the speed limit.

Despite her cautious driving, a persistent honk from an impatient motorist behind her led to a sudden swerve—a typical traffic violation in the UAE.


In the UAE, sudden swerving incurs a fine of Dh1,000 and four black points on the motorist’s license. However, in Myla’s case, being a learner driver without a license, the responsibility falls elsewhere.

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) clarified: “If anyone commits a traffic violation while learning to drive, the driving institute is fined.”

Myla refrained from disclosing her driving school but mentioned she had apologized to her instructor and would continue her driving lessons. This incident underscores the critical role of driving instructors in ensuring road safety and preventing violations during training.

Instructor’s Responsibilities

Wajahat Noor, manager of the Instructor Training Centre at Emirates Driving Institute (EDI), emphasized the instructor’s duty to ensure the safety of the learner, the training vehicle, and other road users.

Noor explained, “It is the instructor’s responsibility to take care of the safety of the learner, the training vehicle, as well as other road users.” He noted that learners are prone to mistakes, especially in challenging driving situations such as navigating sharp curves, roundabouts, and merging from minor to major roads.


Noor highlighted that if a learner’s mistake leads to accidents or fines, the fault lies with the instructor, who is ultimately held accountable.

“Instructors must provide proper guidance and instructions to their students, ensuring they understand the rules and drive safely,” Noor added.

The training vehicles are equipped with dual controls and brakes, allowing instructors to prevent accidents during lessons.

Focus on Novice Drivers

Thomas Edelmann, road safety specialist and founder of RoadSafetyUAE, called for a heightened focus on new drivers.

According to the Ministry of Interior’s 2023 road safety statistics, 15 percent of major accidents involved new license holders. Edelmann urged stakeholders to raise awareness about safe driving, emphasizing the roles of driving schools, universities, employers, and parents.

Edelmann suggested that safe driving habits be instilled early, even in kindergarten and schools, with a mandatory road safety curriculum similar to other countries. He also advocated for revisiting driving school curricula to ensure comprehensive training.

Constant Safety Reminders

RoadSafetyUAE shared several safety tips for all motorists:

  • Always wear seat belts
  • Obey speed limits
  • Maintain proper distance between vehicles
  • Use indicators correctly
  • Avoid banned substances
  • Stay focused on the road, avoiding distractions from passengers or mobile phones
  • Delay driving with young passengers until confident and experienced enough to take responsibility for others
  • Share and promote safe driving practices
  • Remain caring and considerate on the road


The incident involving Myla highlights the importance of comprehensive driving instruction and the crucial role of instructors in maintaining road safety. As new drivers continue to navigate the complexities of driving, ongoing education and awareness are essential to ensure safe conduct on the roads.


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Tariq Saeed

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