Medical experts in UAE discusses latest development in field of vascular problems

United Arab Emirates' medical experts have discussed the latest developments in the field of vascular problems during a scientific symposium held in Dubai.

United Arab Emirates’ medical experts have discussed the latest developments in the field of vascular problems during a scientific symposium held in Dubai.

As per this year’s World Hypertension Day theme, ‘Measure your Blood Pressure, Control it, Live Longer’, the event was sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP).


The one-day meeting discussed many health-related issues, including the recent developments, the national indicators relating to the disease and their treatments, and the challenges faced during diagnosis along with the management of hypertension and controlling the cardiovascular disease.

Medical experts stated that people who usually have a high blood pressure do not go through serious problems, and this makes the disease more dangerous. They have also urged residents to check their blood pressure regularly.

A Specialist in Family Medicine in Aster Hospital, Mankhool, Dr Neena Rasil, stated that hypertension and increasing blood pressure is a serious condition. It is known as a silent killer because people do not go through any significant difficulties, but it gradually damages the body from the inside.

“Blood pressure is the measure of the pressure or force of blood pressing against the blood vessel walls. The person is said to suffer from hypertension when it is always high,” described Dr Rasil.

The medical experts further explained that people with severe blood pressure might experience serious headaches, fatigue or confusion, nosebleeding, chest pain, vision problems, irregular heartbeat, difficulty in breathing and so on.

Specialist internal medicine at Bareen International Hospital: MBZ city, Dr Ahmed Raza Khan, said that hypertension is diagnosed when the systolic blood pressure reading over two days is less than or equal to 140mmHg or the diastolic blood pressure on both days shows less than or equal to 90mmHg.


People with high blood pressure should control their condition by moving according to their doctor’s directions.


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