Passenger arrested by Dubai Customs for hiding 3.7kg of Marijuana in spare car parts at Airport

Dubai Customs arrested a passenger for hiding 3.7kg of Marijuana in spare car parts in his baggage at Airport on 09 August 2022, Tuesday.

Dubai Customs arrested a passenger for hiding 3.7kg of Marijuana in spare car parts in his baggage at Airport on 09 August 2022, Tuesday.

During X-Ray, an abnormal density in cylindrical vehicle engine air filters was discovered by Dubai Customs among his goods.


One officer of Dubai Custom inspected the spare parts, and small, skillfully concealed rolls were found around the air filters during the inspection.

Dubai Customs carried out the substance found in rolls for analysis by narcotics detector, which revealed it to be Marijuana weighing around 3.7 kg.

It is said that the passenger from Africa arrived at Dubai airport. The suspect is handed over to relevant authorities.

Khalid Ahmed, Senior Manager at Dubai Customs Terminal 1, said that Dubai Customs had introduced new technology to fight against smugglers and intelligent control systems.

Dubai Customs introduced a modernisation and advanced inspection system, and passenger luggage equipment has also been introduced to promote the safety and efficiency of Dubai Customs and allow them to protect borders and combat smuggling and illegal substances.

Dubai Customs inspectors are regularly trained for the latest tricks and methods to tackle issues such as smuggling and carrying other illegal things by passengers. They are well equipped to detect new drug smuggling attempts, which has led to many successful drug capture.


In June 2022, officers said there were around 1,000 attempts to smuggle drugs into the emirates in the year’s first four months.

Captagon pills, heroin, Crystal meth, Opium and Marijuana were mostly seized types drugs from January to April. A total of 936 attempts were made to smuggle drugs last year, including 222 at the main Airport were obstructed, which was a major increase of 378 from the same year in 2021.


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