public has big role to counter climate change-Cyprus minister

Recently, the interior minister of Cyprus, Constantinos Loannou, told media reporters that people have a great role to play in reducing the impact of climate change on the environment.He added further that the Cyprus Government is also doing its best to mitigate the consequences of climate change.

The Interior Minister was speaking during a media conference held on the topic of a “grant scheme for strengthening the resilience and adaptation of Communities to Climate Change”.


Due to the heavy weight of human activity, the ozone hole, and the greenhouse effect, a consequence of climate change have become extreme weather events, along with extremely high temperatures, heavy rainfall and drought,” said the minister at the event in Skarinou, Larnaca.

He specifically added that to deal with the consequences of climate change, and there is a need to initiate coordinated and targeted actions on many fronts. only collective effort
have the potential to push back the threat of climate change to a considerable extent.

According to the minister, the government’s goal is to mitigate the consequences of different environmental crises caused by climate change.

He explained that government plans and policies are being promoted in line with European and international regulations and practices.

He further added that community councils are eligible to fund the  plan for  environmental protection, and they have been asked by the Government to take a leading role in mitigating the effects of climate change.

On the front of green transition, the minister said that long-term commitment is need of the hour, along with other required actions to have benefits.


“These actions include rational and well-planned spatial planning that will regulate the use of land  floodplains, streams, erosion and other geological hazards, areas of high fire risk, food sufficiency and the protection of flora and fauna,” the minister also added.

He also stated that an initiative concerning the scale of built-up areas – cities and villages – concerning the planning of open spaces meant for the public and creating pedestrian and cycle paths to facilitate sustainable urban mobility is underway.
The agenda of the government is to plant one million trees in future.

Tariq Saeed


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