Police concludes ‘Dubai Fitness Challenge’ with Shooting Championship for ‘People of Determination’

Dubai Fitness Challenge was concluded with a Shooting Championship for People of Determination (deaf and hard of hearing individuals), which Dubai Police organised.

Dubai Fitness Challenge was concluded with a Shooting Championship for People of Determination (deaf and hard of hearing individuals), which was organized by Dubai Police.

Dubai Fitness Challenge 30X30 was initiated with the aim of encouraging citizens to take care of their mental and physical fitness for 30 minutes each day from 29 October to 27 November.


The Dubai Police General Command organised a shooting championship for People of Determination (deaf and hard of hearing individuals) as part of the force’s participation in the Dubai 30×30 Fitness Challenge.

The Championship was organised by the force’s community-based initiative ‘Positive Spirit, and the People of Determination Empowerment Council at Dubai Police in cooperation with the General Department of Orgnasitons Protective Security and Emergency at the Dubai Police Academy.

Brigadier Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri, Acting Director of the General Department of Community Happiness and Head of the Positive Spirit Initiative at Dubai Police, witnessed the concluding ceremony in the presence of Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Basit Ali, Director of the Sports Affairs Department; Captain Abdullah Al Shamsi, Vice President of the Empowerment Council for People of Determination; and Ms Fatima Abu Hajeer, Coordinator of the Positive Spirit Initiative and member of the People of Determination Empowerment Council.

Al Mansouri said the Championship is part of the force’s active participation in the Dubai 30×30 Fitness Challenge, which promotes the concept of sport among all segments of society in the UAE as a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Al Mansouri confirmed that 20 players from the Dubai Club for People of Determination, Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality and a number of clubs for people of determination participated in the event, indicating that the event is within Dubai Police’s efforts to build positive community relations through meaningful social and sports work and to consolidate the values of cooperation and cohesion.

Al Mansouri said Dubai Police place great importance on such events that integrate people of determination into society and empower them to discover their potential in sports.



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