“Protecting and Preserving Children’s Rights is Top Priority”, says Dubai Police

The Dubai Police General Command has reaffirmed that it spares no effort towards protecting and preserving children's rights, highlighting the fact that ensuring children's safety is a shared responsibility.

The Dubai Police General Command has reaffirmed that it spares no effort towards protecting and preserving children’s rights, highlighting the fact that ensuring children’s safety is a shared responsibility.  

 These remarks were made during a special awareness event organised by the Child and Women Protection Department and Safety Ambassadors Council in the General Department of Human Rights at Dubai Police to mark World Children’s Day and raise awareness of children’s rights.



The event also featured the official launch of the force’s latest awareness campaign, ‘Our Children are Our Responsibility’, which saw the participation of 100 children and their families in a march to raise awareness of children’s rights and the importance of improving their welfare.

 Zero Tolerance

 Major General Dr Mohammad Abdullah Al Murr, Director of the General Department of Human Rights at Dubai Police, stressed that they have zero tolerance for abusers of children’s rights. “The welfare of a child is a given priority, and above any consideration in all cases received by Dubai Police, this is per international and local laws, especially Federal Law No (3) of 2016 Concerning Child Rights “, he said.

 Maj. Gen. Al Murr confirmed that all judicial authorities, police and security agencies, and civil society institutions stand together to ensure the necessary preventive measures are taken to protect children’s rights.

 “Dubai Police strongly believe in community responsibility and raising awareness. Therefore, we have introduced different channels of communication to help victims of abuse seek help and enable members of the public to report such violations directly and confidentially,” he continued.


 He has also urged the public to seek assistance through the efficient, effective and confidential communication channels provided by competent authorities, including Dubai Police, who receive such reports via the (901) call centre or the force’s official website Alternatively, public members can contact the Child and Women Protection Department via a related service on the force’s innovative app.


Systematic Plan

 Lieutenant Colonel Dr Ali Muhammad Al Matroushi, Director of Child and Women Protection at the General Department of Human Rights, said they exert tremendous efforts to raise awareness of Federal Law No. 3 of 2016 concerning the child’s rights, also locally known as Wadeema’s Law.

 “A systematic plan has been drawn to delegate tasks and assign roles among concerned entities and partners to educate more people on children’s rights and means of communication and provide children with an environment where their safety is guaranteed,” Lt. Col. Al Matroushi added.


Safety Ambassadors

 Meanwhile, Fatima Al Beloushi, Head of the Safety Ambassadors Council at Dubai Police, said the Council has been training students and children to become ambassadors of safety in their communities and raise awareness among their peers.


Tariq Saeed

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