Rescue operations continue in Oman for people who went missing due to floods

Rescue authorities in Oman persist in their search on Sunday, July 10, for people who went missing after days of heavy rainfall causing floods.

Rescue authorities in Oman persist in their search on Sunday, July 10, for people who went missing after days of heavy rainfall causing floods.

The Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority on Saturday night stated that the crews found the body of a person who went missing in Wadi Ahin, which is outside Sohar city, the 5th deceased to be confirmed.


Efforts are still going on to locate at least one other missing person, with likely more unaccounted for.

Earlier, on Thursday, July 7, seven people were rescued, and four were confirmed dead in the Dhakiliyah and Rustaq governorates.

Officials alerted everyone to take proper precautions and not to take any risks by crossing valleys, to watch children closely and not to approach the streams of valleys and lakes.

They further said that more rain is predicted in some parts on Sunday.

Furthermore, outside the town of Ibra, located in Sharqiyah Governorate, south of Muscat, crews replied to a report about the downing of three kids in a wadi.

Members of the general public made efforts to rescue children.


Two of them were saved, while the third one died, as per the sources.

In the south, there was heavy flooding in the city of Salalah and in the neighbouring countryside.

The weather forecasters have predicted a fresh deluge of rain from Sunday onwards in Oman.

A weather front from the Indian Ocean was due to make landfall on Sunday.

According to the sources, Dubai and the Northern Emirates could witness thundery showers on Monday morning.

The temperature has fallen during recent days.

In Dubai, the temperature was settled at 35ºC on Sunday morning, with highs recorded at 38ºC, which is less for July. Temperatures were identical in Abu Dhabi and prediction to remain below 40ºC.

More rain is predicted in the UAE.

Tariq Saeed

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