Saudi Princess Basmah released from jail after three years in custody, without any charge

On Saturday, a human rights group said that the Princess of Saudi Arabia, Basma bint Saud and her daughter has released from jail after being behind bars for three years.

On Saturday, a human rights group said that the Princess of Saudi Arabia, Basma bint Saud and her daughter has released from jail after being behind bars for three years.

The police arrested Princess Saud in March 2019 as they prepared to fly to Switzerland for medical treatment.


It is still unclear why she or her daughter was sent behind bars for three years. The charges applied were also not disclosed in front of the general public. On the one hand, some have suspected that the reason could be related to her advocacy on humanitarian issues and constitutional reform. On the other, some suggested that it was because of her close links with former crown prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who was reportedly under house arrest at that time.

As per the reports, a written statement was shared by her family to the United Nations in 2020, which that it was likely due in a massive part to her “record as an outspoken critic of abuses”.

The 57-year-old princess Basma urged Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Saudi King Salman to free her in April as her medical condition was not good, and she had not done anything wrong or illegal. There is no clarity about what treatment she was about to seek when she was detained in 2019.

After being released from the jail, ALQST for Human Rights took Twitter and announced, “Basma bint Saud Al Saud and her daughter have been released after three years of imprisonment.” The Human Rights group further wrote, “She was denied the medical care she needed for a potentially life-threatening condition. Any charge has not being levelled up at her during her detention.”

Let us inform you that Princess Basma is the youngest daughter of King Saud, who ruled between 1953 and 1964.



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