Sharaf DG opens its 23rd store with over 400 brands opens in Dubai

A new store offering over 400 brands of the latest electronic products has opened up in Dubai.

A new store offering over 400 brands of the latest electronic products has opened up in Dubai. Sharaf DG launched its 23rd store, which is spread across a vast area of 14,000 sq ft and is located at the Dubai Hills Mall.

Vice-president of Retail and Financial Services, Sharaf DG, Yaseer Sharaf, said, “This store is for our customers living in new Dubai, specially Barsha, Meydan, JLT and nearby localities.”


Sharaf further added, “This huge store offers our clients an excellent shopping experience and an added comfort in a key location, and we are thankful for the support and trust our clients have shown.”

Sharaf further highlighted that Dubai has also become the region to shop for high-quality electronic products.

“Visitors who come on a shopping spree to Dubai, and electronics are also purchased in the lot, all thanks to the government policies,” said Sharaf.

The new store has 12 brand experience zones, and buyers will benefit from making better purchasing decisions.

Attention towards detail and an approachable product placement make buying more inclusive, helping buyers personally connect with various brands.

The store provides a digital experience to customers as it has a Power wall, RAAS screens as well as cash counter screens to make the customers aware of all the best promotions with every visit. The store is equipped with people that will guide and suggest visitors and shoppers.


DG Hertzz brought its music brands together in a dedicated area to go through all their products in one place.

CEO of Sharaf DG, Nilesh Khalkho, said that the Dubai Hills Mall store is made to provide a complete Sharaf DG experience. He further added, “The company continues to carve an invaluable place for itself in the industry. With 23 stores in UAE, there is forever a Sharaf DG near a buyer. The stores are provided with experts to guide, advise, and support shoppers and visitors.”

Tariq Saeed


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