Student enrollment in universities, colleges hikes by 3.6% in Dubai

The new data reveals that the international higher education institutions in Dubai city of the United Arab Emirates have recorded a significant rise of 3.6% in the enrollment of students.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The new data reveals that the international higher education institutions in Dubai city of the United Arab Emirates have recorded a significant rise of 3.6% in the enrollment of students. The data has been shared by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) of Dubai. 

Over 29,000 students at the present time enrolled themselves in university programs. This will indeed provide great growth to the private education sector of the UAE. 


On achieving the milestone, Dr. Abdulla Al Karam – the Director-General of KHDA, asserted, “The growth and diversity in program choices offered by international universities in the emirate, and the sustained growth in international student enrolment highlights Dubai’s ability to consistently deliver high-quality education and builds on our commitment to creating better education choices that offer families as well as investors new possibilities.” 

This number witnessed growth as students from several states across the world decided to pursue their studies at institutions in the Middle East country. 

Currently, there are a total of thirty-four (34) international higher education institutions providing more than 600 programs. 

The statement of the report released notes that every one student in four came outside the United Arab Emirates to pursue their study, counting for nearly 28%.  

The top three programs which remained at the priority of international students were: 

  • Business, 
  • Information Technology, 
  • and Engineering. 

The past five years countered the highest number of enrollments in the IT programs. The previous academic year saw a rise of 5.8% in enrollments as compared to that of 2017-2018. This percentage is followed by – Law and Humanities (1.53%). 


Meanwhile, an increase of 1.51% was witnessed by Health medicine in its enrollments of international students, the data of the report further reveals.  

The data was shared in the report via an infographic by KHDA under the title of – ‘Growth, strength, and possibility in Dubai’s private education sector.’

Tariq Saeed

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