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Abu Dhabi Police Deny Rumors of 50% Traffic Fine Reduction

Motorists who pay their fines within 60 days from the date of the traffic violation can benefit from a 35% reduction in penalties. For those who settle their fines after 60 days but within one year, a 25% discount is applicable

Abu Dhabi Police Warn, Residents of Rising Fraudulent Schemes Targeting Bank Accounts

Recent reports have highlighted a disturbing trend where scammers exploit various events, activities, and occasions to entice unsuspecting individuals with counterfeit services, offers, and benefits

Abu Dhabi Police Issue Stern Warning Against Distracted Driving Following Alarming Increase in Road Accidents

Distracted driving, encompassing activities ranging from mobile phone usage to eating, drinking, and even grooming, stands tall as one of the primary catalysts behind vehicular mishaps in the UAE

Abu Dhabi Police collaborate with Ittihad Railways to enhance community policing

The Abu Dhabi Police announced that recently the members of the police service brief the Ittihad Railways

Abu Dhabi Police launch ‘make for sustainability’ initiative

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi Police and Economic Development launch ‘Make for Sustainability’ initiative.

Abu Dhabi Police participates in UAE University Recruitment Fair 2023

The Selection and Appointment Department in the General Command of Abu Dhabi Police participated in the UAE University Recruitment Fair 2023 organized by the university at its headquarters in Al Ain City for two days.