Tibet: China blames for collecting DNA samples of Tibetan young children to change their identity to Chinese

Lhasa, Tibet: The Tibetans have been suppressed under the continuous authoritarian regime of China as the monitoring is becoming challenging with every passing day in the region. 

Lhasa, Tibet: The Tibetans have been suppressed under the continuous authoritarian regime of China as the monitoring is becoming challenging with every passing day in the region. 

“The region is dealing with political sensitivity as Tibetans are experiencing harsher consequences along with intense monitoring than residents in other countries,” said Tibet Press. 


As per the media reports, the Tibetans have been facing severe challenges in their own territory, such as molestation, harassment, and persecution, along with being beaten and tortured brutally. 

In addition, a 30-year-old teacher of the Tibetan elementary school named Palgon was detained at his own house in August 2022 and has been out of reach since then. 

Furthermore, Palgon hails from the Qinghai territory of the south-eastern Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of China. He had been a teacher in a Tibetan elementary school in the Pema County of the Prefecture and left his position to become a full-time independent author.  

The reports further confirmed that the crackdown on China’s widespread wrongful actions on Tibetan residents, including writers, monks, young artists, and others,, had become a regular affair over the past several months. 

Moreover, A man from Tibet, along with his three young children, was transferred to the Beijing Middle School Quarantine Center in Lhasa after his wife’s anti- covid test came negative, as per the Voice of America report. 

According to the VOA reports, two of the young children had fevers in the school facility, and there was no doctor, medicine or medical help available, “The authorities have compelled the whole family to quarantine, including 800 people, reported Tibet Press. 


Additionally, while the number of illnesses fell globally to its lower point since March 2020 due to covid-19 and when the World Health Organization declared that the global pandemic was essentially over, China was still under lockdown, said reports. 

The Tibet Press reported that “XI Jinping’s “zero-covid” police has been a repression tool for a while.” Under the motive of safeguarding their health, lockdowns, along with other procedures, largely aided the administration in putting into place its huge and hyper-technological system of citizen control and surveillance.

The government of China is taking young children of around four years of age away from their parents with the motive of wiping clean the Tibetan identity and replacing it with a Chinese identity by which there would be no resistance to the Chinese motive of Tibet in future, said Tibet Action Institute Director Lhadong Tethong in a webinar. 

Meanwhile, China has been collecting DNA samples of the Tibetan people under harsh practices; in Dharamshala, the protests against the mass DNA collection policy were conducted by Tibetan activists last week. 

The Tibetan NGOs protesting expressed the alarm about taking DNA samples from the children, which China will use to strengthen its mass surveillance program using Thermo Fisher Kits, reports Tibet Rights Collective.


Tariq Saeed

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