UAE: Abu Dhabi Police Youth Council hosts 'E-Promotion of Drugs' dialogue session
UAE: Abu Dhabi Police Youth Council hosts 'E-Promotion of Drugs' dialogue session || image credits: Abu Dhabi Police (Facebook)

United Arab Emirates: The Abu Dhabi Police Youth Council has recently held a dialogue session entitled “E-Promotion of Drugs” in cooperation with the Youth Council of the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality, Customs and Outlet Security. The discussions were held during the events of “International Day for Combating Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking in them under the slogan “Participate” Let’s prevent it”.

As per the updates, the dialogue session was organized in cooperation with the Directorate of Drug Control and Police Follow-up and Aftercare. In addition, Rep. Nahyan Mohammed Al-Muhiri from the Police Follow-up and Post-Care Department reviewed the main goal of providing traffic points programs that focus on adjusting the behaviour of road users of drivers. 


It was also said that disseminate traffic culture and qualifying violators of the Federal Traffic Law through several services offered to the public in several languages. On his part, Major Youssef Hassan Al-Hamadi from the Directorate of Drug Control discussed the danger of electronic drug promotion and said that the plague of electronic drug promotion spreads through mobile devices receiving text messages. 

He further emphasized digital applications such as “WhatsApp” from strange and untrusted numbers from outside the country containing pictures of different types of drugs and their prices with service Delivery and bank account to send the funds; some have voice recordings to promote these items.

He called on community members not to respond or deal with messages received from outside the state from unknown people, not to respond to conversations obtained through modern apps, and not to be reckless and communicate with them out of curiosity or experience. 

Major stressed the importance of the efforts of all parties, including families and institutions, to declare their risks and to protect community members from falling Into the clutches of drugs.

He cautioned about the danger of contacting electronic promoters, even though out of curiosity, indicating that some signed their interest under the law due to becoming a drug addicts; he began the experiment and then became addicted.

“Abu Dhabi Police emphasized interest in implementing initiatives, awareness campaigns, and participating in exhibitions to identify the narcotic plague, within strategies and plans to reduce it, and to raise the public awareness of its harms and risks,” said reports.


Notably, the reports concluded that the discussion was attended by Major Marwan Al-Zahmi, Civilian Reem Al-Shamsi and Corporal Mithaa Ayub from the Abu Dhabi Police Youth Council and a number of members of the Youth Council of the Federal Authority for Identity, Nationality and Port Security.


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