UAE announces 21 days quarantine for people came in contact with monkeypox patients

The United Arab Emirates has reported three new cases of monkeypox virus, stated the country's health ministry.

The United Arab Emirates has reported three new cases of monkeypox virus, stated the country’s health ministry.

The new cases have brought the number of confirmed monkeypox infections to four in the emirates.


The first infection in the country was confirmed in a 29-year-old woman who travelled from a West African country around a week ago.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention has not yet disclosed any information about the new patients. But, it stated that it takes all required measures, including investigation, examination of people who were in contact with patients, and monitoring patients’ health.

It also asked residents and citizens to take appropriate preventive measures, be careful while travelling, be safer in crowds, and avoid risky behaviours to safeguard themselves against the virus.

The ministry stated, “Monkeypox is a viral disease but is self-limited as compared to COVID-19 virus.”

Humans can catch this virus via close contact with an infected animal or person, including respiratory droplets and bodily fluids or with material that is contaminated with the virus. It can also be acquired by the baby in the womb.

According to the ministry, all health authorities in the nation are committed to a suitable national medical guide to deal with people infected with monkeypox and their contacts.


This also includes complete isolation of the patients in the hospital until they recover entirely while quarantining their people in close contact with them for no less than 21 days at home and also monitoring their health condition.

The ministry also said that people should only rely on information obtained from official sources rather than believing fake rumours and false information.

The symptoms of monkeypox include body aches, fever, fatigue and chills. People with more severe illness can get a rash and lesions on their hands and face. The lesions can spread to other body parts.

Tariq Saeed


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