UAE pens down license agreement with Israel

The United Arab Emirates and Israel formally penned down an agreement that permits holders of driver's licenses of any nation to obtain the driving license of any other nation.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The United Arab Emirates and Israel formally penned down an agreement that permits holders of driver’s licenses of any nation to obtain the driving license of any other nation. The final date of agreement coming into effect has yet not been released. 

Under this agreement, an individual will only be required to present their original document of the license, and he/she will be provided with the new driving license of the particular nation. The scheme is for Israeli and UAE nationals.  


Merav Michaeli – Israel’s Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, on signing the agreement, stated, “I signed two agreements during the visit. One regarding driving licenses so that citizens of both the countries can drive freely now, benefiting Israelis who come here a lot and Emiratis who will visit Israel. It will be implemented soon.”

“The other is a shipping agreement to make trade between countries easier and more accessible. Israel has two new ports in addition to the four it already operates. We have to make Israel a hub for trade and cargo.” 

Meanwhile, speaking at the ongoing World Government Summit, Michaeli asserted, “In addition, I had very significant talks about the development of infrastructure, transport as well as strategic discussions about mutual interests.”  

The nationals of the United Arab Emirates and Israel will be benefitted from this agreement on a temporary basis or long-term basis. 

Prior to this, multiple agreements have been signed by dignitaries of both countries in different countries assisted them in fostering bilateral trade, economic and political ties. These MoUs have been penned down in the finance, energy, agriculture, aviation, aerospace, and media sectors.  

Moreover, the trademark between the two reached $700 million. The senior high-rank government often pays visits to each other’s nations with the motive of boosting diplomatic ties. 




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