UAE records 229 new COVID-19 cases in last 24 hours

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Health and Prevention on Tuesday, 19 April, recorded 229 cases of the COVID-19 virus, along with zero deaths and 408 recoveries.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Health and Prevention on Tuesday, 19 April, recorded 229 cases of the COVID-19 virus, along with zero deaths and 408 recoveries.

The total cases of COVID active presently stand at 15,534. The new cases were found through 272,856 additional corona tests.

The total number of cases in the UAE as of 19 April is 895,892, meanwhile, full recoveries reported are 878,056, and the death toll stands at almost 2,302.

More than 152.7 million PCR tests have been done in the country till now.

On the other hand, China recorded seven more deaths due to COVID-19 in Shanghai on Tuesday, 19 April, after thousands of cases in the city were found and the city went under lockdown.

City officials further revealed the first deaths of this pandemic on Monday, with Tuesday’s deaths bringing the toll to ten as the virus continues to spread.

Beijing insisted its zero-Covid policy of strict lockdowns, mass testing and long quarantines has averted fatalities and the public health crisis that has taken place must of the rest of the world.

In comparison, Hong Kong, which has a high number of elderly persons unvaccinated, has around 9000 deaths among 1.18 million Covid-19 cases since the Omicron variant increased in January.

While the White House has also announced that the US will be co-hosting the second worldwide Covid-19 summit online on 12 May to continue the international efforts in the battle against COVID and to advance worldwide preparedness.

The White House, in its press release on Monday, stated, “The summit will multiply our joint efforts to end the critical phase of the Covid-19 pandemic and train for future health dangers.”

“To help accomplish these goals, we insist all countries and stakeholders commit to taking compulsory actions to create the systems we need to end the critical phase of Covid-19, save lives, and build better health security and health systems,” read the statement.


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