UAE Weather: Temperature predicted to exceed 45°C during weekend

Temperature is set to exceed 45°C during the weekend, with slight chances of rain and dust storms in a few parts of the UAE. 

Temperature is set to exceed 45°C during the weekend, with slight chances of rain and dust storms in a few parts of the UAE. 

The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) predicts the temperature in the nation to rise to 45°C on Saturday and 46°C on Sunday.

Dubai will see slightly cooler weather, with the temperature predicted to rise to 43°C on both Saturday and Sunday.

A break from the scorching heat in summer may come in the form of lower levels of humidity than experienced during recent weeks.

Humidity levels during recent days topped 90% and were even predicted to hit 100% in Dubai and Abu Dhabi during mid-June. 

However, they are predicted to be lower during this weekend.

The NCM predicts humidity to peak around 55% in Dubai and 60% in Abu Dhabi on Saturday, July 23. Humidity will stay relatively low, around 55% in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, July 24, but may reach 80% in Dubai on the same day.

For those looking for a cooler climate in the UAE, Fujairah is the ideal place to be during the weekend. Temperatures in the Fujairah will peak around 37°C on both Saturday and Sunday, the NCM predicts. 

In its five-day bulletin, the weather forecaster stated that conditions would be a party hot and partly cloudy on Saturday. Winds could hit 40 km per house, which could cause dust and sandstorms.

Sunday is estimated to be a largely hot and dry day, with the possibility of dust storms hitting the country.

The formation of convective clouds in the southern and eastern parts of the UAE could also lead to rainfall, stated the report.

The Emirates experienced spells of wet weather at the beginning of this month. Heavy thunder was heard grumbling in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, July 6, and rain fell in the suburbs as unsettled summer weather persisted.


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