Unexpected rainfall sweeps across UAE; Temperatures set to plummet to 8°C in select regions

Nighttime and Friday morning will bring a surge in humidity over some internal areas, while light to moderate winds are expected to sweep through, causing the characteristic blowing of dust

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is experiencing an atypical winter, marked by warmer temperatures and decreased rainfall, defying the seasonal norms that residents have grown accustomed to over the years.

The latest weather forecast predicts a partly cloudy to cloudy sky, accompanied by intermittent rain, particularly in coastal and northern areas.


Nighttime and Friday morning will bring a surge in humidity over some internal areas, while light to moderate winds are expected to sweep through, causing the characteristic blowing of dust.

The seas are not to be spared from the unusual weather patterns, with rough conditions anticipated in the Arabian Gulf and moderate to rough seas in the Oman Sea.

Temperature-wise, Abu Dhabi is expected to see a range of 16°C to 25°C, while Dubai will experience temperatures ranging from 18°C to 26°C.

However, the most significant drop is reserved for mountainous regions, where temperatures could plummet to as low as 8°C.

The deviation from the typical winter climate has caught the attention of meteorological experts at the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

Dr. Habib disclosed that the data collected by the NCM indicated a milder winter compared to the historical averages.


Notably, December recorded average temperatures higher than those witnessed in previous years, setting the stage for an unusual climatic pattern.

Even as January unfolds, the temperatures have continued to rise, presenting an anomaly compared to the expected chill associated with this time of year.

The decreased level of rainfall during these months further accentuates the departure from the norm.

Traditionally, winter in the UAE is marked by sporadic showers and cooler temperatures, offering residents a reprieve from the scorching summer heat.

However, this year seems to be rewriting the script, leaving experts and residents alike in a state of fascination and, for some, concern.

The shift in weather patterns prompts questions about the potential long-term impact on the region. Is this an isolated occurrence, or does it signify a broader trend of changing climate dynamics in the UAE?

Meteorologists are closely monitoring these developments as they continue to analyze data to gain insights into the underlying causes of this unexpected warm spell.

As the UAE navigates through this peculiar winter, residents find themselves adjusting their routines and expectations.

From outdoor activities to clothing choices, the unseasonal warmth challenges the conventional understanding of winter in the region.

In conclusion, the UAE’s deviation from its typical winter weather has become a topic of interest and concern.

The uncharacteristic warmth and reduced rainfall signal a departure from the norm, prompting meteorologists to delve into the intricacies of climate dynamics in the region.

As residents adapt to this unusual winter, the long-term implications of these climatic shifts remain a subject of ongoing study and discussion.


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Tariq Saeed


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