Wounded Gazans Evacuated to UAE Cherish ‘Refuge City’ in Abu Dhabi

Titled "Oasis of Healing: Gazan Evacuees Find Refuge and Care in UAE's Humanitarian City," this article explores the remarkable journey of those who have found solace and support in the heart of Abu Dhabi

The latest updates from the Emirates Humanitarian City in Musaffah, Abu Dhabi, reveal a profound story of compassion and care amidst the turmoil of conflict.

As the crisis in Gaza escalates, the UAE government’s initiative, the Gallant Knight 3, continues to provide refuge and medical aid to thousands of Gazan evacuees.


Titled “Oasis of Healing: Gazan Evacuees Find Refuge and Care in UAE’s Humanitarian City,” this article explores the remarkable journey of those who have found solace and support in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

For many, the journey from the besieged borders of Gaza to the shores of the UAE seemed unfathomable. Yet, for Sahar Jamal and Jamalat Hafez, mothers accompanying their wounded loved ones, the invitation to continue treatment in the UAE was nothing short of a dream.

Their gratitude echoes through the halls of the Humanitarian City, where essential amenities and specialized medical care await.

The complex, akin to a small city, encompasses hospitals, schools, entertainment centres, and more, ensuring that every evacuee receives holistic support.

Liwa Education and the Ministry of Education take charge of educating Gazan children, promising to maintain the highest standards despite the uncertainty of their stay.

In matters of health, the Abu Dhabi Department of Health, alongside Tamouh Healthcare’s Somerian Health, orchestrates a comprehensive medical response.


From dentistry to psychiatry, every aspect of care is meticulously attended to, with a focus on trauma and cancer cases. Salih, a dedicated doctor in the city, highlights their commitment to transferring patients to specialized facilities when necessary.

Furthermore, the provision of food, both through on-site grocery stores and doorstep deliveries, ensures that dietary needs are met with precision.

Feda Mahmood’s words of gratitude resonate deeply, portraying the Humanitarian City as a haven of generosity and comfort amidst the chaos of conflict.

Yet, amid the physical healing, the mental toll of the Israeli-Hamas war weighs heavily on the evacuees. Abdulrahman Alkurdi’s sentiments capture the collective anxiety as thoughts of families left behind linger.

The Humanitarian City’s officials acknowledge this struggle, striving to uplift spirits through daily events, family visits, and psychiatric support.

As the world witnesses the staggering human cost of conflict, the story of the Emirates Humanitarian City stands as a beacon of hope.

In the midst of adversity, it serves as a testament to the power of compassion and solidarity. With each life touched and healed, it reaffirms the universal values of humanity and empathy.


This article was created using automation and was thoroughly edited and fact-checked by one of our editorial staff members

Tariq Saeed


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