Yemen gets support from UN Security Council

The members of the United States Security Council extended support for the UN special envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg.

This support from the UN Security Council  came in the light of Hans Grundberg’s efforts to reach a negotiated and inclusive political settlement between warring sides.


The UN Security Council, in a statement, criticised the terrible attacks attributed by Houthis with the use of drones. These drone-using attacks resulted in the death of members of Bahraini soldiers on the southern border of Saudi Arabia.

Yemen continues to be under the political instability after the 2014 coup. Houthi militants group is a very strong terrorist outfit responsible for many heinous attacks on Yemen territory.

Bahrain’s armed forces are working with Arab alliance forces to support the Yemen government. There was worldwide condemnation after the killing of two Bahraini armed forces members.

Members of the Security Council reaffirmed that militants belonging to the Houthi poses a serious and potential threat to the regional peace and stability process, including Yemen.

The Yemeni government is also taking many initiatives at regional and international levels to put maximum pressure on the Houthi leadership to struck a settlement.

It is worth mentioning that most of the international government denies any recognition to the Houthi militant group. They all are working to bring a peaceful solution to Yemen’s conflicts.


Security Council members again expressed their concerns about the targeting of civil infrastructure in cities close to the southern border of Saudi Arabia.

These attacks on civil infrastructure are one type of many tactical methods to destabilise the Yemen,used by the Houthi military group.

Calling all the stakeholders to respect the obligation under various provisions of international law, including humanitarian law, The UN Security Council said the council is very sure that any increase in violence will increase the suffering of the Yemeni people.

So, without any delay, there is a need to boost the peace efforts. These peace efforts on their success will be beneficial for all stakeholders , including common Yemeni people who are currently on the receiving end.

The statement called on Houthi militants to stop all violent activities, especially attacks on Yemeni people.

United Nations Security Council’s strong and continued support for the efforts to reach any political settlement will end the suffering of the Yemeni people.


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