1.1 million passengers to transit through Terminal 3 at Dubai airport

Emirates airline expects around 1.1 million passengers to transit through Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport

During the current peak travel period, which runs until December 21, Emirates airline expects around 1.1 million passengers to transit through Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport. Nearly 250,000 passengers are expected to depart from Terminal 3 this weekend alone.

“Customers should arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight departure and verify they have all essential documentation for their destination before proceeding to the check-in desk,” Emirates said in a statement.


Passengers can avoid the rush by physically checking-in 24 hours before their flight, dropping off their luggage, and collecting boarding passes at Terminal 3’s 32 self-service bag drop devices and 16 check-in kiosks. Customers who use the self-service kiosk must still finish their immigration paperwork at least 60 minutes before their flight.

Customers can also check in online up to 48 hours before departure and download digital boarding tickets to their phones for chosen destinations. (Customers who check in less than 60 minutes before departure will be denied transportation.)

Customers can also use Emirates’ biometric path in Terminal 3 for a contactless travel from certain check-in desks, Emirates lounges, and boarding gates to speed up the process even more. Customers may fulfil immigration formalities and board their flights using biometric technology, which eliminates the need for document inspections and long lines.

Passengers are urged to be at the boarding gate on time once they have checked in. Gates open 90 minutes prior to flight departure, boarding begins 45 minutes prior to flight departure, and gates close 20 minutes prior to flight departure. Emirates will not be able to accept travellers who arrive late for their flight. To guarantee that aircraft depart on time and that operations are not disrupted, check-in and gate closing times will be carefully adhered to.

Meanwhile, Etihad Airways said it expects a large number of travellers this weekend at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

“With the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the capital city, schools closing for the holidays, and more individuals regaining their confidence to fly, December 2021 is predicted to be one of the busiest months since the pandemic began,” the airline stated in a statement.


Etihad Airways is encouraging passengers to take advantage of the airport’s new early check-in service, which will earn them 1,000 Etihad Guest Miles. To have a seamless voyage and avoid lineups at the airport, the airline advised passengers to follow these tips:

Check-in as soon as possible
Guests can enjoy Etihad’s early check-in service from 24 hours to 8 hours before their journey until December 31. One individual can check in and drop off bags on behalf of all family members travelling together, but the COVID-19 travel documentation for the entire group must be shown. The Skypark Plaza level three early check-in desk is open from 9 a.m. to 4 a.m., seven days a week. Skypark will provide two hours of free parking to guests that use this amenity.

Arrive early at the airport.
Those who are unable to take advantage of the early check-in option should check in online and come early to fulfil the airport formalities. Check-in opens four hours before to departure and closes one hour prior to departure for non-US flights and two hours prior to departure for US flights during peak times. All Etihad Airways departures have a 20-minute window for boarding.

Obtain a ‘Verified to Fly’ certificate.
To upload their COVID-19 travel documents, go to etihad.com and click on ‘Manage my Booking.’ Passengers will have assurance that all essential paperwork are in place after receiving approval through email. Passengers who have been approved can use the airport’s fast-track ‘Verified to Fly’ counters or self-service kiosks.

Check your flight’s departure time and terminal: Etihad Airways will relocate check-in for Economy class passengers travelling on some flights due to a large rise in passenger numbers.


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