16 footmarks of 70 million old dinosaur discovered in Egypt

President of Cairo University - Mohamed Othman El-Khosht announced that 16 dinosaur footmarks of nearly around 70 million years had been discovered in the Nubian sands of Egypt.  

Cairo, Egypt: President of Cairo University – Mohamed Othman El-Khosht announced that 16 dinosaur footmarks of nearly around 70 million years had been discovered in the Nubian sands of Egypt.  

In talks with the local media, El-Khosht stated that this discovery had been made by the collaborative study team from Cairo and New Valley universities. 


Palaeontologist Mohammad Qarni Abdul-Gawad, asserted, “We have found 16 dinosaur footprints appeared in the Upper Cretaceous strata also called – as the Nubian Sandstone Formation in the south Eastern Desert, Egypt. Tracks uncovered at that site are considered to be footprints of a dinosaur from more than 70 million years ago.” 

As per the findings, the dinosaur is noted to have been herbivores as well as carnivores, ranging from 500 to 900 kilogrammes in their size.  

It is also expected that these dinosaurs must have been 4 or 5 metres long. This analysis has been estimated based on the lengths and sizes of dinosaurs’ footprints.  

The Egyptian Paleontologist has considered this finding as ‘incredibly discovery’. They further noted that this would prove to be very significant for science.  

Abdul-Gawad, further added, “This new excavation will assist us in addressing the longstanding questions about fossil records of Egypt as well as – palaeobiology, which is what animals were living there, & in order to what other species were these animals most near related to.”

The Egyptian Paleontologist furthermore sharing the information on the finding, asserted, “The remains and footmarks of the animal also revealed the presence of many dinosaurs in the south Eastern Desert of Egypt“.  


The officials noted that this spotting could be a tourist spot/attraction and a natural reserve, making the place of high tourist and commercial value. 



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