Iraq: Ministry of Education takes bold steps to implement National Integrity Strategy
Iraq: Ministry of Education takes bold steps to implement National Integrity Strategy || Picture Courtesy: Government of Iraq (Facebook)

Baghdad, Iraq: The Ministry of Education held an extensive meeting to enhance the work of the ministerial team in the implementation of the National Integrity Strategy on August 16, 2023.

As per the official update by the authorities, the Ministry of Education, headed by the representative of the Ministry of Administrative Affairs and the Head of the Ministerial Team for Implementing the National Strategy for Integrity, Dr Falah Al-Qaisi, held an extensive meeting with members of the central ministerial team to research risks and negative phenomena and follow up the gaps within educational institutions while studying the standards and the right basis for treatments in order to come out with positive results.


Reportedly, this is the highlight of what was done. Trading it during the meeting held on Wednesday (August 16).

The Media Office explained the new phenomena identified in the National Index of Integrity Form by showing and discussing the activities and events of supporting teams and ways to solve problems that may arise in the future in a decisive step to reduce corruption, blackmail, bribery, private teaching and preventing unification among community members.

According to the update, the Office confirmed that the Ministry seeks to Achieve a set of main objectives, such as analysing the nature of combating corruption, identifying its sources and scope of its repercussions from a comprehensive perspective, achieving satisfactory achievements that elevate the reality of the team and the Ministry.



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