32 yr Gulf national to face 6 months imprison & fine for running car over guard amid fight with Fiancee

Man of Gulf nationality has been sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and has been fined worth Dh50,000 for running over the guard.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Man of Gulf nationality has been sentenced to 6 months imprisonment and has been fined worth Dh50,000 for running over the guard. The 32-year-old man’s licence has also been suspended by the authorities, as he was found guilty for the crime.

The man has also been asked to compensate the kinsfolk of the building guard with at least a Dh150,000 sum amount. As per the reports of the Dubai Police, the 32-year-old purposefully ran a car over the building guard while he was having a verbal quarrel with his Fiancee.


According to the statement of Fiancee, the man came to a nearby place of her residence, the woman got in the car, and both of them quarrelled into a sudden argument.

The man then hit her Fiancee, after which the lady started yelling for help and opened the door of the vehicle while the car was in motion. After hearing her cries, the building guard came forward to help the lady while holding on to the moving vehicle’s door. The whole situation resulted in the building guard being run over by the man.

In addition, the lady told the Dubai Police officers about the status of her relationship with the man, noting that she was about to end her relation, following the excessive drinking habit of the 32-year-old.

The man got aggressive about listening to the news and asked her to return the cell phone which he gifted her, after which both of them decided to meet, and the incident took place.

Although, the Dubai police authorities have not shared the identity of the accused and the other individuals involved in the incident amid security concerns.

As per the UAE Traffic Law, the punishment of running a vehicle over an indiviudal is either imprisonment or fine commencing from Dh20,000, in case if the victim dies. 



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