Dubai: Fire emerges after loud blast, windows nearly fell-off

On Thursday, the Emirati officials said that a “small fire” was extinguished by the Dubai emergency services.

On Thursday, the Emirati officials said that a “small fire” was extinguished by the Dubai emergency services after there were reports about a loud explosion near Jebel Ali port on the previous night (Wednesday) at 9:40 pm.

The officials further informed that no causalities and damages were reported on Wednesday night.


According to the source, the fire outbreak was controlled by the city’s civil defence team. It further informed that the fire was controllable and was erupted in the industrial area because of the electric cables in Jebel Ali.

Reportedly, the residents around the area were informed that the explosion was so loud that the buildings were shaken and their windows were about to fall. The rattle was felt nearly for two-three seconds.

The residents took social media and shared their concerns about the explosion and sudden shake. While expressing the same, one of the users wrote, “Shock was felt, and we thought that windows of our house at the Jebel Ali port area were around to fell off.”

While another one wrote, “I am not sure about the level of the fire, but the shake felt was very hard… All my neighbours also felt the same.”

The Dubai Civil Services reported a similar incident on July 7, 2021. A large explosion was heard by the residents of Jebel Ali, across the region after an onboard container ship caught fire. At that time as well, no death, injury or damage was reported.

Port of Jebel Ali, aka Mina Jebel Ali, is a deep port and is able to deal with plane carriers. It was United States Navy’s busiest port, outside the US in 2017. By far, it is the world’s ninth busiest airport and biggest and busiest airport in the middle-east region. The Higher Committee for UAE Civil airports and seaports security, in 2011, regarded the port with Golden Award for Best Seaport Overall.



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