UAE SWAT Challenge 2023 Witnesses Fierce Competition as Chechen Team Claims Victory

The Chechen SWAT team has emerged victorious in the "Hostage Rescue" event of the UAE SWAT Challenge.

Dubai: The Chechen SWAT team has emerged victorious in the “Hostage Rescue” event of the UAE SWAT Challenge, which kicked off today in Alruwayyah – Dubai, in the presence of Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, according to the latest post by Dubai Police.

The highly-anticipated competition witnessed fierce battles among the top SWAT teams from around the world, but it was the Chechen team that stood out with an impressive performance and clinched the first-place position. They were able to complete the challenge in a record time of 1:04:13 minutes, showcasing their exceptional skills and expertise in hostage rescue operations.


As per the update, Dubai Police Team (B) put up a strong fight but ultimately came in second place, achieving a time of 1:07:00 minutes. Sharjah Police Team (A) ranked third, with a time of 1:09:05 minutes. The competition was closely contested, and all the participating teams displayed excellent professionalism and teamwork, making the first day of the UAE SWAT Challenge a great success.

It further claimed that the UAE SWAT Challenge is an annual event that provides a platform for elite SWAT teams worldwide to showcase their skills and expertise in various challenges. The “Hostage Rescue” event is one of the most challenging and closely watched categories.

A Global Event

Major General Abdullah Ali Al Ghaithi, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Operations Affairs, congratulated the Chechen team for their outstanding victory, reaffirming that the UAE SWAT Challenge remains a vital platform for enhancing the skills and expertise of SWAT teams and fostering cooperation and exchange of best practices among law enforcement agencies globally.

“We are excited to see the UAE SWAT Challenge returning for the fourth year,” “The event has grown exponentially, and we look forward to continuing to provide a platform for law enforcement and military teams to train and compete.”

Continuous Support


Brigadier Obaid Mubarak Al Ketbi, General Department of Organizations Protective Security and Emergency Acting Deputy Director for Organizations Security Affairs and Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the UAE SWAT Challenge 2023, attributed the challenge’s success to the support and guidance of Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, who has been instrumental in organising the event down to the smallest details. He also noted that the continued support for the challenge has made it a global event, attracting specialised teams from various countries worldwide, including Arab countries, Europe, Asia, South and Latin America, and Africa.

The First Day

Brigadier Musabah Al Ghafli, General Department of Organizations Protective Security and Emergency Acting Deputy Director for Emergency Affairs, highlighted the highly competitive nature of this year’s challenge. He noted that adding the ‘Sniper’ mission to the hostage rescue competition has raised the bar significantly, resulting in longer completion times for the teams. “Despite this added challenge, the teams have demonstrated an exceptional level of skill and professionalism, making the competition more exciting and challenging,” he said.


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