UAE: Dubai Port Police issues safety warning to Beachgoers, says reports

United Arab Emirates: The Department of Dubai Police has shared an update regarding the safety warning issued by Dubai Ports Police for the Beachgoers. 

United Arab Emirates: The Department of Dubai Police has shared an update regarding the safety warning issued by Dubai Ports Police for the Beachgoers. 

As per the updates, the Ports Police Station of the Dubai Police has advised the owners of boats, ships, yachts, and public members to exercise caution and refrain from going to sea in light of the current weather fluctuations.

In addition, the safety warning issued by the Ports Police focuses on ensuring public safety and preventing endangered lives due to the sea currents, high waves, and natural calamities. 

The officials from the Ports Police Station urged boat owners to check the weather forecasts and sea conditions before embarking on any sea-going activity. 

On his part, Dr Colonel Hassan Suhail Al Suwaidi, director of the Ports Police Station, said that “We strongly advise and instruct the boat owners and people who like to surf to avoid going out to sea during periods of adverse weather and high waves”.

Al Suwaidi further added that the Dubai Police is closely monitoring and analysing all the weather conditions and forecasts and working with other emergency response services to ensure a swift and effective response in case of any accidents or incidents.

Furthermore, “The safety of our residents and visitors is of the utmost importance to us. We urge all boaters to take the necessary precautions to ensure their safety while out on the water,” Al Suwaidi said.

According to Al Suwaidi, Dubai Police have also identified nine points where rescue forces comprising divers, rescuers and rescue boats are based on ensuring the safety and security across the emirate’s waters.

Al Suwaidi urged members of the public to call 999 in emergencies and to download Dubai Police’s Sail Safely app, which helps warn users about any delays during their maritime trip; identify hazards; send distress requests directly to the Dubai Police; and facilitate rapid emergency response.

In the end, He also called on beachgoers to adhere to safety warnings and comply with advisories related to maritime currents. “As long as the red flag is erected at the beach, it is not allowed to swim or enter the water,” Al Suwaidi explained.


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