St Kitts and Nevis: PM Terrance Drew addresses issues related energy and water

St Kitts and Nevis: On January 25, 2023, The Prime Minister, Dr Terrance Drew, participated in an interview held by a radio station in St Kitts and Nevis where he stressed the several issues and challenges among the nation.

St Kitts and Nevis: On January 25, 2023, The Prime Minister, Dr Terrance Drew, participated in an interview held by a radio station in St Kitts and Nevis where he stressed the several issues and challenges among the nation.

As per the updates, PM Terrance Drew has addressed various topics, such as water, and energy, along with other essential issues which need to be considered. PM Drew stated that there had been an issue with the water supply, and sometimes, people have lived and struggled for days without it in his constituency of Cayon and Saint Peters.


In addition, he mentioned that regarding the energy issue, it was clear that the generators were old or they were temporarily functional, which was a troubled deal for the people. 

The Prime Minister also stated, “The government is also undergoing the process of renting generators while we are buying our permanent generators, which would cost around $35 million each”.

In his remarks, Prime Minister added, “We are mostly focusing on buying two permanent generators for now, which can work both with traditional fossil fuels and renewable energy. Furthermore, PM Drew addressed the water issue; he said that the government is considering its challenges and potential solutions to tackle them.

During the radio interview, he also stressed the goal of achieving green energy in future through enhancing the energy industry function and introducing innovative technologies into the country. Moreover, the achievements and milestones achieved by PM Drew’s governance so far, among which some were groundbreaking, while some were history-making.

Additionally, through the service of his governance, Prime Minister cited that “They are trying to provide equal opportunities and chances to the people of all ages irrespective of their religion and background or any difference there might be”, “The people of St Kitts and Nevis will be in sync as the neighbours through such opportunities, and nobody should be left without getting their deserved chances”, he added.

Prime Minister Drew further conveyed that as a governance body, they are working towards better functionality and pushing towards it; he mentioned he was focusing on the country matters to ensure the nation is heading towards the right direction as he is responsible for its situations.


In his statement, he pointed out that the other ministers have been working tirelessly along with him, and he expressed gratitude and thankfulness for their support. About his constituency, he mentioned that he had always been keen to return to his people, and through the minister’s assistance, he got the chance to be present in his constituency and among his people.

St Kitts and Nevis’s Prime Minister also discussed the matter of student loans and stated that we have a plan coming for a student loan. As you know, we met the development bank in a mess, and we will update the public as to the audit of the development bank.

He added, “I want to say to the people no need to lose hope, the team there led by a board, a competent board and a competency on his team, they have stabilized the bank. The bank is now getting ready to start a student loan program.

“There was no money left for the student loan program, and therefore we have to refinance that, but we have a plan, and we are working with the Ministry of Finance to make sure that our students have access to money so that they can go study and come back and play their trade and help to develop their country”, he cited.  

PM Drew also stressed the issue of minimum wage and mentioned that a committee is coming together that would have mentioned it in the post-cabinet briefing; if it was not, I want to update the people of this country that was a major discussion in our cabinet deliberation and over the past few months and so we are going to address that as well.

In the end, the issue of national health insurance was brought to light by Prime Minister; he stated, “I want to say that our adviser in health doctor patrick martin will present his first findings to the health management team which met recently, the new health management team which will transform healthcare in St Kitts and Nevis.


Tariq Saeed


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