Dubai: Fire outburst in Al Nahda building left residents abandoned

Al Nahda building caught fire on Saturday; the residents of the building remain abandoned and are researching alternative accommodation.

Al Nahda building caught fire on Saturday; the residents of the building remain abandoned and are researching alternative accommodation.

Many residents lost their belongings in the fire that broke out in a residential building in Al Nahda 1 at around 2.45 pm on Saturday.

One of the tenants, Sameer, who lost everything due to a fire outburst on Saturday, said he is shifting to another apartment because his flat is “squalid now” after the fire.

Another victim of the fire outburst on Saturday in the Al Nahda building, Isham, said that he and his wife in the same building are also looking for alternative accommodation.

In addition, Isham added, “We have moved to another place and are living in a room arranged by my wife’s friend. We are looking for proper alternative accommodation. After a few days, we’ll change the accommodation to somewhere we can stay on a long-term basis.”

Doreen, the resident and victim of the Al Nahda building fire outburst, is a Nigerian national who also lost some of her belongings in the fire and has remained stranded ever since.

In a statement, the Nigerian national said, “I recently renewed my rental contract and made two months of payment in advance. But now I don’t have money to pay more for rent.”

The Nigerian resident, who has been living in the UAE for the past three months, said she also lost her clothes in the fire. “I’m still waiting for any help or support.”

“I have temporary accommodation, but I don’t have the money,” she added.


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